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Elden is broken up into a number of principalities each ruled by a lord. These lords are held together by their feudal obligations to the high king of Elden. The current high king is Albrecht – VII, a youth of sixteen who came to the throne early after the death of his father. The kingdom exists in relative peace even as the high lords vie for political and economic power.

In the past, the Elden continent and portions of Everonne and Eltar were ruled by the Seranian Empire, with its capital in the southern portion of Elden. 1000 years ago, this empire collapsed due to the cataclysmic destruction of its capitol city and the surrounding area in an event brought on by arcane research and hubris. What followed was many years of warfare between kings and lords who had gained their own territories and followers. Finally, King Albrecht I was able to form the lords into a mostly unified country under his command. The current King is his descendent. Territorial disputes still arise among the lords but are mostly controlled. There has not been full, open warfare on Elden for 500 years.

Because of the cataclysm that ended the Seranian empire, the people of Elden are overall distrustful of arcane magic, viewing it and its wielders as uncontrolled and volatile. This discrimination is beginning to lessen, particularly among the upper classes, as wizards, sorcerers and their ilk have become more common as typical household attachments. A lord’s house typically has an arcane and divine caster in residence now whereas some 100 years ago inviting an arcanist into a lord’s service was considered shameful.

While many different religions exist and many different gods are worshiped in Elden, the most powerful and widespread religious order is the Exalted Church of the One Who Stands Behind. Called the Behinder by the irreverent, this deity is believed to be an invisible force which orchestrates the movement of the universe's fundamental forces. Primarily worshiped in Elden, the church also has outposts in Everonne and Eltar.

Elden is inhabited by humans, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. There are a small number of elves, who mostly live in Hohenhold and some half elves. 

Elden is split into six principalities, each ruled by a High Lord. Elden has a federal system in which power is split between the lords in their territories and the high king. 








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