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Shigeru is a native of the mysterious eastern continent of Katsui. Promiscuous and fun loving, one can typically find him wooing the attractive young males of many humanoid species with his Biwa Lute, with which he is incredibly skilled.

Shigeru is a non-combatant, but he does enjoy spectating and taking part by magically helping his allies and hindering their enemies through music. Anything that is interesting and can stave off his persistent boredom is worth doing.

He dresses in the traditional richly decorated Kimono of the upper classes of his homeland, and greatly appreciates the finer and perhaps gaudy things in life. He does not necessarily love money, but he does love the comforts it can bring. Shigeru can almost constantly be observed smoking a long, thin, and ornately carved pipe, containing an opioid from his homeland.

Shigeru’s alignment is true neutral, he is 6’2" and 24 years of age. He has no known allegiances and answers only to himself.


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